The Mom Who Wouldn’t Gossip

I have always admired my mom, but lately I’m beginning to realize what makes her so incredible. She does not put down other people to make herself feel better.

When I was younger, this bothered me. I would come home from school or ballet practice wanting to gossip about anyone or anything. I remember specific times, usually the weeks following proms and homecoming dances, when all I wanted was talk about why I didn’t like anyone’s dresses or hair. “I don’t understand why she thought that dress looked good,” I remember saying to my mom. “It’s terrible. And the hair does not help.” Instead of feeding into this like all my friends’ mothers would do, my mom would try to find an underlying reason for why I wanted to talk about other people. “I don’t see what’s wrong with the dresses, Hallie,” she would say. “Not everyone cares as much as you do about appearance.” This normally resulted in a dramatic fit thrown by yours truly, followed by an even more dramatic stomp up the stairs. But recently, things have changed.

As I get older, I realize that my mom was never trying to anger me by refusing to speak negatively about other people. She is simply such a good person that she doesn’t need to put anyone down to make herself feel better. I can now look back at my high school self and realize that I got caught up in gossiping about things I didn’t even care about. Since graduation, I have tried to live the way my mom lives. She is the first person I call for advice because I know she will say the right thing. I have never met anyone as selfless as my mother and I hope that one day I will be half the person she is.

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