Saying goodbye to my home.

Let me start this post by clarifying one thing: I do not like Jacksonville. 

However, I grew up in Jacksonville, N.C., and aside from the three years I lived in Chapel Hill after I was born and the past three years I’ve been at UNC, it is the only place I’ve ever called home. 

Although I don’t leave Chapel Hill unless I’m traveling or have an obligation at home, I feel invested in where my parents live. I have been begging my parents to move back to Chapel Hill or Raleigh ever since I came to school, but they didn’t seem completely sold on the idea. I was beginning to think they didn’t want to move at all, but two weeks ago, my parents informed me that they bought a house in Beaufort, N.C., and they would be moving there permanently within the next two months. 

Naturally, I flipped- at first. But then I thought about all of the terrible things I have said about Jacksonville to my parents. 

“It’s boring.”

“There are too many marines.” 

“The restaurants all suck.”

“I’m going back to Chapel Hill.”

I quickly realized I had no reason to be mad about the move. In fact, it was selfish to even consider complaining about it because I never go home. I decided instead to be happy for my parents because they are moving into a community they will enjoy far more than they’re currently enjoying Jacksonville. My mom has talked nonstop about how in love with the house she is- she and my dad have always wanted to live on the water. Knowing that my parents are excited for the next step in their lives is hard, but it also makes me happy. I’m getting a little excited myself just thinking about calling Beaufort my home town. It’s peaceful and quaint, but also rich in history and culture. 

Sometimes saying goodbye to the familiar is hard because we don’t know any different. My house in Jacksonville is where I made my earliest memories, and it’s strange to imagine driving by and not seeing my three dogs running around in the front yard. But change is necessary, and change is good. 



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