Happy Birthday From Me and My Instagram.

One of my best friends turned 21 yesterday. Exciting, right?? 

Even though I’m not 21, I constantly find myself celebrating the monumental birthday for my friends. Not only is it the age of legal drinking (honestly not that exciting to me, but most of my friends think it’s the most important thing in the world), but it’s also the age you officially feel like you’ve become an adult. Unless you’re trying to rent a car, the age of 21 is limitless as far as rules go. 

So back to my main point- I’m excited for anyone turning 21, which is why it’s all the more fabulous when the birthday girl is a best friend. With this particular friend, we’ll call her Lo, I went all out. I’m not the type to craft for friends, but I made a cute scrapbook page to go in her 21st birthday scrapbook. I also went and got her a gorgeous piece of jewelry from J.Crew, her favorite store, and it was definitely not cheap. I told Lo to get excited because I’m skipping my first sorority cocktail to come to her 21st birthday party in Raleigh, where she is pretty much my only friend. Oh, and not to mention- I have four midterms next week, so I’m giving up precious time to make sure she knows how important her birthday is to me.

Now here’s the kicker- despite all of this, I heard through the grapevine (aka a mutual friend) that Lo was mad last night because I didn’t post on Instagram in honor of her birthday. 


This news frustrated me. A lot. Just because we have social media outlets does not mean we need to make it a point to wish a friend happy birthday on every possible social network- especially when you called that friend, promised them a weekend together, made them a scrapbook page and bought them a gift. 

This especially troubled me because I know Lo isn’t the only person who thinks this way. I mentioned in my last blog post my concern about teens and preteens’ use of social media (emphasis on Instagram). It saddens me that we place so much emphasis on our social media presence- what is to gain from an Instagram post except popularity and views/likes? 

I constantly worry that social media is ruining the value of personal relationships. Unfortunately, it’s conflicts like this that confirm my fear is legitimate. 

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