Nothing to Complain About.

Today when I was walking home from the library, I passed an older couple taking a stroll through campus and overheard the man saying something everyone needs to hear.

“Look at this campus. If you went here, you would have nothing to complain about.”

The words stuck with me all the way home. I had spent my morning stressing over midterms I have this week and didn’t think once about how fortunate I am to study at such a beautiful university.

It’s so easy to forget to put things into perspective. Students, including myself, get wrapped up in exams, papers and quizzes and lose sight of the fact that we are students, we are students at a good school, and we are students at one of the most beautiful schools in the world.

The man on a walk with his wife (I’m assuming) could not have said it better. There they were, walking through campus just to walk through campus. I should clarify that right after I overheard his statement, I turned to look at Wilson Library. It was about 5 p.m. and the sun was making it’s way down, casting the most beautiful light on the building. In that moment, I realized it was true.

We have nothing to complain about.

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