Reading a Magazine as a Minority

I picked up a Cosmopolitan magazine last night and started to flip through the pages.

I don’t read Cosmo regularly, but I’ve skimmed it enough to know what to expect from the ads and stories. After reading this issue for less than five minutes, I realized it was different. I wasn’t relating to any of the advertisements- the models were all Latina and some of the catch phrases at the tops of the pages were written in Spanish. The clothes advertised were wildly colorful and the makeups advertised were all for bronzing.

I looked at the cover and realized it was Cosmo for Latinas.

I quickly gained a new perspective on mainstream magazines- do racial minorities feel the way I felt reading Cosmo Latina every time they pick a regular Cosmo off of a coffee table?

Everything about the magazine was different. Even the stories were different, and I couldn’t relate to most of them. One thing that stood out to me was the food section. The recipes didn’t focus on health at all- they were carby, cheesy and alcohol focused. Was the magazine speaking to a Latina stereotype?

It seemed crazy to me that race would change so much about a magazine.

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