What’s offensive?

Thursday night, my sorority had a themed social function with a fraternity- AKA, a mixer.

I didn’t go to the mixer, but I saw everyone’s costumes- there were pizza delivery girls, homeless people, maids, trophy wives and yoga instructors- just to name a few.

Can you guess the theme? Probably. It was “what I would be without my degree.”

In my opinion, this theme was tip-toeing on the line of offensive, and various students on social media seemed to agree.

One tweet from a UNC student described the mixer as, “A bunch of privileged white girls dressing up homeless as a party theme, way to go ZTA.”


A tweet from a member of my sorority: “What would I be without my degree: A human being.”

Yep yep.

Although I know the mixer theme wasn’t meant to offend people, I have to say I think it was careless planning. Some students are so wrapped up in a world where every member of their family has a degree, and if you don’t, you are going to be a failure. But while I don’t deny that a degree is important, (obviously I wouldn’t be in school otherwise), I will say there is so much more to a person than their level of schooling. To dismiss an entire group of people just because they didn’t go to college is sad.

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