We All Overuse Social Media… Sort of.

Today, I turned in a story about the supposed “addiction” teens have to social media.

At first, my stance was on the side of most adults- teens overuse social media, this is true, and it concerns me that lots of teens I know can’t eat a cookie without Instagramming a picture of it.

I eventually changed my mind after reading research articles on the topic. Another factor that made me less critical of teens’ social media use? My own social media use.

The irony of the situation was overwhelming. I spent hours last night going back and forth between Microsoft Word and my Twitter and Instagram feeds. I would constantly scroll through Pinterest. I would pause mid-sentence to send a Snapchat to my friend sitting across the room from me.

So why had I initially been so critical about teens’ usage of social media?

After lots of thought, I came to the conclusion that despite a few exceptions, my overuse of social media was just as bad.

I may not post as often as teens post to Instagram and Twitter, but I read everything they post. I may not Instagram a picture every time I eat a cookie, but chances are that I’m going to Snapchat it to at least one of my friends.

The only exception I could come up with was the fact that a lot of my Instagram and Twitter feeds are news sources. I use Twitter as my main news source and I use Instagram to keep up with relevant fashion bloggers and designers. I like to think these are productive uses of my time.

But overall, I don’t have much room to talk. Of course, I concluded that frequent social media usage might be a pretty good thing when I wrote my story. So I don’t feel as guilty anymore.

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