It’s Fall!

It’s finally that time of year in Chapel Hill when leaves change colors, Instagram is flooded with pictures of pumpkins and Starbucks brings back the Pumpkin Spice Latte.

I guess I never realized how obsessed everyone was with fall until two weeks ago when the season arrived.

On that Tuesday, I walked downstairs to get a spoon for breakfast and the house mom, Ms. Debbie, greeted me with “Happy first day of fall!”

…Thank you?

A few hours later, I checked my Instagram. About seven pictures of leaves, PSLs and the Old Well (paired with sentimental captions about fall in Chapel Hill, obviously) drowned my Instagram feed. All in a row.

Naturally, Twitter was my next move. Guess what most of the tweets on my feed were about?


“Goodbye, iced coffee season!”

“Hello, pumpkin spice latte season!”

“Fall in Chapel Hill is my favorite season!” (Heart emojis were used, and some leaves as well.)

Maybe people love fall more lately, or maybe social media has made everyone’s love for fall more prominent- I, for one, already miss summer. Maybe I’ll make a post about that.

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