I kind of watched the Superbowl.

Tomorrow, if someone asks me if I watched the Superbowl, I’m probably going to say yes.

I didn’t actually sit in from of the TV and watch a football game, but through content shared on social media, I was able to get just as much out of the Superbowl as I would have if I glued myself to a couch for 4 hours. (The football game would have been irrelevant to me either way… I can’t follow a play to save my life.)

I watched about 30 of the best commercials on BleacherReport.com. I saw clips of Katy Perry’s halftime performance on Snapchat, and I know what each of her costumes looked like. I know Missy Elliott kind of stole the show. I know the Patriots won by 4 points.

Last year, there were almost 25 million tweets about the Superbowl on the night of the game. This number undoubtedly increased this year because social networking continues to grow in popularity. The ridiculous number of tweets about the Superbowl left no Twitter user uninformed about the game. In fact, viewing Twitter tonight, I got a literal play-by-play without even searching the Superbowl hashtag. If I wanted to know who was winning, I opened Twitter and refreshed my timeline. If I wanted to know which commercial to watch (this is honestly more interesting to me), I would read which commercials my friends were tweeting about.

For someone like me who would never dedicate 4 hours to a football game, media via social networks is a game-changer. It’s a great way for everyone to stay in touch with the Superbowl – an event that is important to football fans and pop-culture fans alike, even if it’s for different reasons.

I’m not saying I’ll never watch the Superbowl again. In fact, I love the idea of ordering a pizza and pretending to be invested in a game being played by two teams I have no connection with. But I will say the Internet came in clutch tonight.

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