Social Media Makes Us Look Perfect

This school year, my best friends and I made it our mission to take more pictures when we go out and do fun things. We all did a terrible job documenting our freshman and sophomore years, and for some reason, that really bothered us.

This year, I have managed to take pictures every time I’ve gone out with my friends, with the exception of one night. And the morning after that one night, my first thought was, “Noo we forgot to take pictures!!”

No one can deny that our generation is slowly becoming obsessed with making our lives look awesome on social media. We document every moment of our lives, whether they are truly phenomenal or we’re just trying to make them seem that way.

Over Christmas break, I went to the beach for the day with my two best friends from home. It was my first time seeing them in over 4 months, and we had a great time – we went to lunch, walked on the beach and stopped at our favorite drive-in on the way home for burgers and shakes. Unfortunately, all three of us spent so much time on our phones filtering the Instagram photos we planned to upload and the Snapchat stories we posted that I don’t even remember the conversations we had.

This happens a lot lately. In fact, any time I do something slightly out of the ordinary with my friends, it seems like none of us are in the moment. It even seems like we care more about how we portray our lives on social media than how are lives actually are.

It’s important to keep in mind that people only share the best moments. The couple who posts #womancrushwednesday and #mancrushmonday pictures of each other every week on Instagram is most likely the same couple who fights every night. The sisters who post constantly about how perfect their family is most likely argued over who got to post the picture first. (I’ve witnessed this exact situation.)

Whether it’s a trip you go on with your family or a night out with your friends, I challenge you, and myself, to unplug. Make it your goal not to take a single picture and instead to actually enjoy the experience as it happens. In a world of constant Internet communication, this seems borderline insane – but I believe we’ll find the taste of the ice cream we just Instagrammed will be much better than the feeling of getting 100+ likes.

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