Why are Katy Perry’s sharks famous?

As I mentioned in my blog last week, I did not watch the Superbowl. I did, however, catch recaps and commercials on the web throughout the night. I haven’t yet committed to watching the halftime show, but I have noticed one thing – those sharks have taken over the Internet.

Since the Superbowl last Sunday, I haven’t logged on to Twitter once without seeing a picture of those two back-up dancers dressed as sharks. Without even seeing the halftime show, I’ve become a huge fan of the shark jokes – I’ve retweeted a couple of them without understanding the context just because the sharks look ridiculous.

The popularity of memes takes things like creepy halftime costumes and non-responsive football players to the next level. It blows my mind how things go viral so fast – the Superbowl wasn’t even over and my Twitter feed was flooded with pictures of dancing sharks.

After some research, I’ve learned that the joke isn’t just about the shark costumes – Twitter also exploded with the hashtag #leftshark because the shark on the left messed up the choreography. The hashtag went viral. People tweeted things like “Are you #leftshark or #rightshark?” and “#leftshark for president!”

The most fascinating thing about this situation is that who played the left shark is still not completely clear. The right shark, Scott Myrick, wrote “right shark” in his Twitter bio and made jokes about how he “finally made it.” See photo below.

shark 1

The left shark, on the other hand, is more mysterious. One backup dancer, Bryan Gaw, uploaded a picture of the two sharks on Instagram and simply said “Yep. The rumors are true.”

We’re all pretty sure he’s the left shark.

It’s unclear how long these shark memes will dominate the Internet. Until something else happens in the media (cough cough… Grammys tomorrow night?) we will just have to continue making new jokes about the sharks. They still aren’t old to me, but I’m giving it a week. Until then… long live #leftshark.

shark 2

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