Macs look better, too.

In my opinion, there are a million reasons to choose a Mac over a PC when shopping for a new computer or tablet. Macs allow for seamless use with the iPhone and iPads, Apple Care is fantastic, and Macs seem to be more immune to viruses than PC computers.

But what really sets Mac apart, whether we want to admit it or not, is the appearance of each product. No one can deny that Apple products are beautiful. 

After having this thought, I quickly realized I’m not the first person to acknowledge it. Pages of articles from Time Magazine, Telegraph and The Guardian about the beauty of Apple products flooded my screen when I typed “Apple product beauty” into a Google search.

Apparently, Apple realizes the visual appeal its products have on consumers. Have you seen the new gold MacBook? It’s breathtaking. Even the name “Apple” sounds better than names like “Dell” or “Lenovo,” not to mention the fact that a black boxy laptop comes to mind when I think of either of these brands.

According to Jeffrey Kluger in the Time Magazine article, the name and design of Apple products are bubbly and baby-like (rounded, inviting) because that’s what people are drawn to, and Steve Jobs did this intentionally from the beginning.

Courtesy: Google images

I have to admit that I don’t know of other advantages or disadvantages of PCs and Macs other than the ones I listed in the beginning. For all I know, a PC laptop would be just as fun and easy to use as a MacBook. But I’ll never know as long as MacBooks look better, especially if the technological differences are small.

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