Life between weekends: Not a horror story.

Today was the best day I’ve had in a while.

If you had been with me, you’d probably think I’m being sarcastic. It was an uneventful day – I woke up, hit the gym (DON’T STOP READING… I promise this isn’t a #fitness #blog), put on a grey sweater, got coffee, went to work, and bought a salad (okay, it was the best salad I’ve ever eaten – I probably should leave this detail out since I’m trying to prove a point about how uneventful my day was, but wow. It would be a shame not to mention this gem from Sla). Anyways… it was an ordinary day. But days like today are great because of a feeling, and the way I felt on my way home from work was a way I haven’t felt since I was 18 years old.

I can’t think of a word that does this feeling justice, but it was a happiness that didn’t feel temporary. It had no extra weight and no solid cause, but an effect as solid as my love for Oreos. I’m craving sweets right now.


A little about my job:

When I first accepted my internship with The Pelican Studio and Hopes and Fears, I thought it was going to be a fashion PR internship, and this was good because I believed I needed more PR experience in order to get a position with an established PR agency. However, when I got to Amsterdam, I quickly realized it would be more of a retail internship, and this really upset me. It upset me so much that I wanted to quit after my first day, but I stuck with it because I was determined to create a role for myself in my 3 months with this brand. (Also, it’s my excuse to live in Amsterdam.)

Three weeks into my three months, I’m starting to see the potential this internship has to help me grow not only as a PR professional, but in other fields as well. I’m officially fluent in Dutch retail computer software and I handle all of the store’s orders, reorders, preorders and web orders. (The software is actually in Dutch… zeer intimiderend!)

Because my English is so fantastic, (I know… it’s my first and only language so not that cool to brag about), I asked if I could get some copywriting experience by writing the new copy for our website, promotional flyers, email blasts, social media content, and in-store brand features. I also get the opportunity to regularly participate in buying meetings with designers, which is something I’ve always thought I’d be good at doing, but didn’t think I’d ever pursue.


Last week, I also had the courage to tell the owners of the company I wanted to do less retail work and more PR work since that’s the kind of experience I wanted out of this internship in the first place. I presented a small PR plan with some basic tasks I want to complete in my time here, and I think the owners were impressed that I took this initiative – so impressed that they gave me permission to create a PR internship. (Pretty scary, but now I absolutely have to live up to my word, and the results are going to be awesome for both parties.)

Since I’m not working with other PR professionals, I’ve had to do a lot of research in order to decide what The Pelican Studio needs from a PR intern. I’ve started reading more PR cases and as a result, I’ve learned more about what kind of agency I want to work for when I return to the U.S. (HUGE win for me… there are a lot of different approaches to PR and it’s good to be educated about this!)


As I mentioned in my last blog post, I’ve had frequent moments of doubt about my decision to come to Amsterdam, and certain times are worse than others – the weekend before last being a “worse” time because most of my friends were in Atlanta for the UNC kickoff game against UGA and I was fighting to stay awake in the pitch black underground of an abandoned school house. (De School… Amsterdam’s hottest new club!!). However, I’m having fewer moments of doubt each day, and today I straight up didn’t have one.

Perhaps that’s what made today so amazing. At 6 p.m., (or 18:00 since this post is about how well I’m adapting), I left work feeling weightless and optimistic. I threw my dead iPhone into my purse and smiled all the way to the wrong tram stop.

One of the best things about living abroad. New friends!



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